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- Throughout the year a number of American citizens are constantly interested in buying or selling their personal assets. Most all of these transactions can benefit from an appraisal. "Why not bring in the expert and know the true value of your liquid asset"


It's an ongoing problem these days in Arizona when assets are not appraised for insurance purposes when they should be. Having an asset appraised for insurance purposes will be very beneficial in case of unexpected events that may occur. Unfortunately in society today, events as in robbery, home flooding, house fires, and lost or stolen goods may occur at any time. Having a certified appraisal done by Appraisals Phoenix will ensure the fact that your property can be financially secured.

Estate Planning, Liquidation or Divorce:
These times will entail decisions that may be complicating during the estate planning, liquidation, and divorce. Unfortunately in some cases  Americans may not have qualified estate planners or executors to handle these situations. Here is where Appraisals Phoenix, a qualified appraiser can help. Often the first step in casualty, divorce, and liquidation is finding out the value of the assets. Appraisals Phoenix Appraisers can assist you in obtaining a accurate appraised value for your assets. The appraisal will further help in finding fair arrangements between argumental parties. The beneficiaries will walk away knowing that Appraisals Phoenix were very professional in handling their assets.

Charity and Charitable Donation Appraisals:

When donating property that exceeds $5,000, it is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS ) to submit a professional appraisal summary with your tax return. Appraisals Phoenix can present an accurate and comprehensive certified appraisal that will ensure you to get a full tax deduction from the IRS.

Damaged Appraisal:

Your insurance provider requires a Damaged Appraisal which determines the replacement cost for the total or partial cost of the damages. A Damaged Appraisal will entail factors of the properties original value, fees for restoration, and the items final value after any restoration has been done. This appraisal will ensure the fact that your damaged asset(s) will accurately be accounted for.

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